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Touching Lives One Soul At A Time
About This Site
Our little station is here to help you keep you focus on God by: playing songs that help you to worship Him and by playing Bible teachings.

We here at His Word Radio believe that in order for us to grow we must be in worship and in the Word of God not just once in a while, but everyday.

His Word Radio is touching lives for Jesus one soul at a time. we ask that you keep us in your prayers. We might not be the biggest station out there however, we are growing fast.
When we say touching lives one soul at at time, we mean it. Our goal is not only helping Christians stay close to God, but also to see lives chaged both though salvation and through seeing christians set free.

We here at His Word Radio believe that this can be done though praise and worship, but also through the Bible teaching and preaching that we play on here so please help spred the word of our station.
Please pray about helping us stay on the air. Any amount is a big help. We are needing to rasie $350.00 to upgrade our equipment so please pray about being a blessing to us.
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If you are a pastor or a Bible teacher or a local christan singer or band please pray about getting ahold of us as we would love to play your sermons or teachings or music on our station.
Due To Unseen circumstances the radio station will be down on Sept. 1-2016. prayerfuly only for a short time. Please keep us in prayer as this is hitting us hard.